Full speed ahead

My first goal is to not have any cliche’ titles for the rest of the year. Or maybe, I should just have all cliche’ titles.
So most of the students have blogs. Most of the students have a blog roll, and most of the students are writing. Some students had a harder time getting things set up than others. I think it had more to do with how web savvy students are, and how intuitive they are about where things will be while setting up. There are some student who have chosen not to move forward with this, or who are doing so with much mumbling, but in general, I think students are enjoying the project.

My biggest concern is keeping the blogs at a school appropriate p.g. level. My dilemma is how to do that while ensuring that each student feels like they have the ability for their voices to be heard. That’s the thing with being a newish teacher. Each new assignment is an experiment and you spend a good amount of time failing miserably. Assignments and projects are not always perfect at the beginning, and often need much tweaking in future terms and years.  But among the failures there are often monumental success, and those help this newish teacher to keep-on, keeping-on.



2 thoughts on “Full speed ahead

  1. crushrun May 8, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    view my blog for a few prom pix! >becky

  2. lucywest May 8, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    Ms. Bernier, I’m really glad you started us on blogging and I’m hoping you stick with it for the next couple years in journalism. I promise I’ll try my hardest to keep this f’ing blogging PG 🙂

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