in which I admit my nerdiness.

I went to Twist Craft Fair in Northampton this weekend.  The very first thing I saw, a tiny, shining beacon of awesomeness, waiting just to be snagged by me. Me, who had gotten there as one of the first 100, just to snag a swag bag, there for me, was this most perfect thing.


Yes. A magnet that spells nerd- made out of- wait for it – Scrabble tiles. Yep, you’re hearing it – the nerd choir singing.   The whole thing, the purchasing of the magnet, and the ensuing conversation with its creators,  got me thinking.  About how, while now, I  may embrace my nerdiness, that at a young age, I may have hidden it far away.   So tonight, in honor of letting the nerd flag fly, of being finally at age 33, comfortable with my self,  a list of the  top five things I’m an utter nerd about – with straight up nerdy abandon.

Music– Get me. to. the. next. show. Lemme hear them live, let me archive the playlist, and then  debate the nuances of the lead guitarist before or after rehab.  Then, when I’m home, let me download the show I just heard, and think about the next tour.  If it’s recorded, rule is, if it’s old, it’s better, if Miles is playing, it’s the best– And, if it’s outtakes of John on guitar -oh man- nothing makes me happier. I apologize in advance to anyone who gets stuck with me and my pre-1950 collection of Jazz nonsense at Carnegie hall.

Packing – The first time I traveled to Europe I looked like a total noob, as I tried to pack my entire life in a suitcase that I could actually fit my whole body in, for just three and a half months abroad.  By week six though, I knew how to travel with just a  backpack, and carry only what I needed. While all bets are off when travelling with the kiddos, my only goal when travelling anywhere by  plane these days, is to not check my luggage.  That means no matter the length of the trip, no matter where to, everything has to fit in my carry-on and my shoulder bag. With that Europe trip sitting on the horizon, I am salivating at the chance to put my first return trip to the continent in 11 years, to the packing test.

Food – I love food. I really love good food. I want it fresh and local, and cooked by someone who likes their job.  If I’m making it at home, I’m making it from scratch. And while I love to nerd out on cooking and baking and kitchen design blogs, I’m not afraid to indulge in sheer gluttony. Yes, I am not above that buffalo chicken wrap I housed this evening in fifteen minutes flat.

Movies –  From cheesy Adam Sandler flicks to romantic, coming of age films about finding yourself in a concert tour bus, I’m a sucker for a good movie.  And once I’ve become a fan, that movie will be seen  on heavy rotation, and then quoted, on a fairly regular basis.  You have no idea how many times you can work, “there’s no crying in baseball,”  into conversations. Yah, the answer, so often, it’s wrong.

Vonnegut, Irving, Twain, Plath, Fitzgerald, Lee, and Billy S. – Woe is the kiddo who tries to BS their way through a project on one of these folks.  That there is the list of authors I can quote on demand, and drone about till I’m blue in the face.  Collectively this gang of seven makes up a goodly part of my book shelves, with two whole shelves devoted to just the first three.  And not only do I read their lines, I make myself privy to their life stories. Because, oh man is it fun to talk about F. Scott and his crazy wife Zelda.  Three weeks ago when I saw Irving read from a draft — a draft– of his newest work, it was as if I had died, and headed off to nerd Nirvana.

So how about you, what’s your nerd love? Is it hour-long dramas on Wednesday night TV, or video games you wait hours in line for their midnight release -or perhaps knowing about the latest fashion — Whatever your pleasure, don’t be afraid to hang out that nerd flag, and let others know about your own little joys.


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2 thoughts on “in which I admit my nerdiness.

  1. Hayidan's Intuition November 16, 2010 at 1:34 am

    Lol kool post

  2. Nervana « Sane by Music October 21, 2012 at 9:44 am

    […] in which I admit my nerdiness. […]

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