Summer Homework for Journalism

Hey folks – I’ve asked you to read this online textbook.   Your first summer assignment will be chapter 4.   As I’ve also asked you to have a WordPress account so that you will be able to write online for the Hawk’s Claw, your next assignment will be to comment here and answer the following question –
Is online journalism better, worse, or just different than traditional print journalism?

Looking forward to your responses,

Ms. B


9 thoughts on “Summer Homework for Journalism

  1. MsBernier July 6, 2011 at 12:19 am

    Personally, I see both sides – I think online journalism give voice to the masses, any schlub with half an ounce of sense can have a blog, and there for a place to report on his or her view of the world (hey I have two, and write for three more).
    On the other hand there is no fact-checking or source-checking in the vast-majority of blogs out there. In fact even what were once considered the “hard news” outlets have been caught out now triple checking stories, and reporting the wrong thing in the last couple of years. Everyone is desperate to break the story first, and the end result is a hot mess of jumbled facts and shady sources.

  2. Ethan Picard August 14, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    I personally support the modernization of journalism. Although it does have its downfalls. It has made it much easier for “bad” news outlets such as TMZ and other tabloids to turn a profit on the expense of others by simply by uploading one picture or video. It also creates many false rumors by people who misinterpret something. Creating a frenzy of legitimate news outlets reporting on some rumor. But it also makes reporting by amateur writers who otherwise would not have the resources to do so. A great example of that would be the new niche of music blogs that feature new music with a simple blog post.

  3. Andrea Valentini August 15, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    My thoughts on new age journalism are simply this; computerized journalism is a conspiracy against the old fashioned kind. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the technological advances of new age computers. I am plainly stating that they are a pain in the butt. Why? Because computers have a tendency of shutting down, the scrolly thing doesn’t work, the web page expires, the screen blacks out then I cant find where I left off, my computer has an “Error report” to send… and the list goes on and on. I experienced all the listed issues in the past 20 minutes trying to read the article about journalism. Newspapers and old fashioned storing systems don’t have these kinds off problems. Sure, it will take much longer to find what the inquiring mind is looking for, but maybe the human race needs to advance our will power and develop the skill of patience. Another issue I have with journalism on computers is I have noticed it is painfully difficult for me to stare at a screen forever. Somehow I loose interest the second I find what I was looking for. All the adds and colors and mumbo-jumbo is obnoxious and completely unnecessary. Plus not all the information posted online is legitimate. When I was younger I remember our computer would flash up a warning sign every so often that it was “Time to take a break” because staring at the computer for how ever long is not healthy. What happened to the warning signs? I am assuming some person somewhere decided people were hitting the little “x” button and not getting off the computer, making the little warning sign unnecessary. Well there was a reason for the warning sign, I know after a while my eyes start to hurt. This makes reading an online article quite frustrating. So therefore I conclude that there needs to be some sort of compromise. Media should still be pushed on line and printed. Online does open new horizons and has millions of benefactors, but can still not compete with the good old-fashioned Sunday paper and comics.

  4. Sydney Denault August 16, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    In my opinion, online journalism is neither better or worse than traditional journalism. Online journalism does have its perks; its quick, convenient, and there’s spell-checker. Internet news sources also don’t have to hire as many employees, because everything is online instead of paper, therefore cutting way back on the costs of producing news stories. But these “perks” also have a downside. Dependency on spell-checker leads to misspellings due to pure laziness. I’m guilty of it. Knowing that a computer will fix most spelling mistakes that I make when I write lets me think that a story is ready to post with very little editing being done to it. If a story isn’t looked over and edited properly after its been written, then it can be posted with simple grammatical errors and typos, which can lead to misinterpretation of news. Online journalism allows the news company to cut down on employees because workers aren’t needed anymore to do the filing work or layout of a newspaper. Although this saves the company tons of money, the amount of jobs available is limited and small. This is not only bad for aspiring, young journalists, but it can also be damaging to the economy. Its also very easy to obtain a blog; anybody who has access to a computer can do so. This creates the issue of illegitimate news stories and rumors. Readers can’t always be sure they are getting the true story online unless they are reading from a well-known, legitimate news source, such as the New York Times. Overall, I think that both online journalism and traditional news printing is necessary. Online news is quick and easy to access at any time of the day whereas traditional journalism provides a well-written news story that you know is based on facts. I believe that any legitimate news source should have a traditional print version of the news, like a newspaper or magazine, as well as an online source, like a blog or website.

  5. Nick Bernard August 27, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    I firmly believe that online journalism is better than traditional print journalism. When you receive a newspaper, the news was from yesterday, or sometimes even the day before. Online journalism can be updated more often and can provide the reader with the most up-to date news on a particular topic. Unlike a newspaper, online you can check the facts with other news sources to see if they match up, and quite quickly too. If you wanted to do that with a newspaper you would need a subscriptions to a few newspapers, which over time could cost a good amount of money. Another problem I have with newspapers is that when reading the beginning of an article it will soon say, “continued on page D5,” or something similar. While turning the page to the page, without the paper falling apart, I will most likely see a different article that interests me. Then I will either stop to read that article or continue onto the original article I started. Either way I will probably forget the other article I didn’t read. This is not a problem online. I remember when I was little, my mom would save articles of baseball and hockey games I went to. We still have a folder filled with newspaper clippings. With online journalism, she could have copied and pasted these articles onto Microsoft Word documents. This would save space and the articles would be easier to access. For more than a century printed journalism has done a great job of keeping the world updated with news. However, I think it is time to move on to bigger and better things, such as online journalism.

  6. Kaitlin Richotte August 30, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    Online journalism is just a trendy way of what used to be. Journalism is a way of expression. Every day journalist report on something. From the latest fashion trends to the trends of the war, there are constantly people reporting. So why does it truly matter if you are reading that report over a computer screen or holding it right in your hand. Let’s be honest in today’s age our world revolves around technology. Let’s just look at the “hurricane” that hit us this past Sunday.This was supposed to be the worst weather since ’84. Lines all over Hadley were supposed to be disconnected. This meant no internet, no television no cell phone reception for as long as the strorm would last. People went nuts. What were we gonna do without being able to text are friends or check up on facebook. The internet is a major scource of knowledge especially in out generation. If young adults can learn what is going on in the world today from online journalism, then I say go ahead and use the rescources you have. If you’re not able to pick up a laptop then pick up a paper. Everyday a newspaper is delivered at our house and every day it is read by someone. Journalism is a way to get you’re word out there, and whatever way you read or write it is an opinion of your own.

  7. danahmed August 31, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    Online journalism is a revolutionary new method the internet has developed to share vast amounts of information with a massive amount of people worldwide. It has brought freedom of speech to a whole new level. Now we all don’t have to own printing presses in order to publish something people find useful, that they like. Instead of reading material from large commercial news corporations we can can listen in on what normal people have to say. We no longer have to be afraid that our media is is controlling us. With online journalism we are given an option on what kind of news we read and who we read it from. Additionally with online journalism there is convenience. We no longer have the need to carry around magazines and newspapers instead we can carry our whole internet news collection on a tablet, smartphone or e-reader. The convenience of billions of current news articles on a 3g enabled device proves to be a comfort that has overtaken our technology-filled lives. Every day we learn billions of things with this extraordinary source of information.Online journalism takes social sharing to a whole new level using the vast social inter-web. We now do not have to be in the presence of someone to shown them an interesting article we found.They do not even have to be logged in!Sharing an article can be as simple as clicking like button or the “Share via Twitter or Facebook” on many common online blogs such as this one.With the use of this simple sharing technology we may even find ourselves looking at articles that we may normally not look at due to external links and recommendations from friends. Our intellectual interest will deepen and broaden due to this journalism feature. Online journalism not only proves to be advantageous for readers but for writers too. Online journalism allows for people to create an online identity that they may morph as they with to create character and attract readers. They may even discuss personal matters without revealing themselves. Due to this feature people can form help groups, discussion boards, and chat groups. Online journalism proves to be in essence a better alternative to print.

  8. kielbe August 31, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    I personally think that online journalism has its ups and downs just like traditional journalism. Online journalism is just a new way of getting you ideas out to the world. It makes it easier for you to hear what other people have to say about what you write about, they can just send it in right away. Then it allows less time for waiting. This online journalism is just another step towards advancement in technology.
    Online journalism can also be very good for people working, all though it could have a down fall. I think that one of the good things is that people that are writing for papers and magazines can write from basically anywhere (that is anywhere you can have a computer), they don’t have to go into work and submit work in, they can just send it in. The downfall to this is that, yes, it could take away jobs that were needed before such as the people that layout the design of the paper or magazine because it can be done online. Overall I think that right now online journalism is new and fun and can be used in a simple way that makes it easy for everyone to get their word out.

  9. Aiden September 6, 2011 at 12:30 am

    In my opinion modern online journalism does not match up to traditional journalism. Sure the internet has given us a more immediate and simple means viewing journalism, which is an obvious plus. But i feel as though online journalism is so easily created through blogs or online news sites, that it may be held to lesser standard than that of an traditional printed journalism, in both the realiability of the facts that you are reading, and the literary content of the piece. Traditional Journalism however because it is being published in a printed document for a magazine or news paper is held to a higher standard, where there are facts being checked, so that you know that for the most part everything is reliable, and that the Author is a professional who will put out a quality article.

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