A reminder about what you need for your book talk – 9th Grade

You need to have the book as a visual prop during your book talk.
Use this script to help you plan your book talk. The parts of a basic book talk are listed below. What follows the asterisk (*) in each line is how you might go beyond the basics.
Tell your audience the title of the book and the author. *Maybe this author has written other books like this one? Any other interesting details about this author?
Describe the main setting in your novel. How and why is the setting important to the novel and your understanding of what happens in the book? *In what ways is the setting realistic or unrealistic?
What is the main conflict in the book and what type of conflict is it? *How does this conflict relate to real life?
Read an important passage from the novel. Tell us before you read it: h ow it fits into the plot (meaning, not only which part of the plot line it is–exposition, conflict, climax, or resolution–but also give us an introduction. Ex: The passage I’m going to read is from the part in the novel when Joe tells Wendy that he’s been secretly videotaping his uncle, who has been sneaking into his father’s office early each morning. It shows that. . . . Tell us why this passage is important.
Tell us, in your own words–write a theme statement–what the theme of this novel is. How do you know? *How is this theme relevant to your own or others’ lives?
Rate the book on a scale from one to five. See your script for more on this. You must justify your rating.
Each book talk will be given orally in front of the class and only needs to be about three to five minutes in length. It is a good idea to write out what you are going to say to your audience beforehand so that you do not forget anything.

As adapted from
Ms Hogue’s Online English Resources


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