11th Grade Exam

  • Character Wheels from the Crucible  –  Character will include – Abigail, John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, Parris, Mary Warren, Rebecca Nurse, Hale, Danforth, Tituba, Giles Corey – You need to know temperament – ideas and feeling characteristics – background
  • Quotes from transcendentalism – You identify and explain how they are a part of the literary theory of transcendentalism.
    • non-conformity
    • confidence
    • civil disobedience
    • nature
    • intuition
    • free thought
    • importance of book/ knowledge
    • independence
    • solitude
    • anti-materialism
    • self reliance
  • FreeWrite ReWrite – this may be pre-written before the exam – but you will have to rewrite a final draft on the day of the exam.

You may use any book you have read for this course this year, this includes books you have read for your yearlong project!

In a well-organized, clearly written, well crafted, 300-500 word essay, think critically about how the literature we have read over the course of the semester informs our thoughts about what is unique about American Literature

Ideas, in case you’re stuck.

  • Compare and contrast transcendentalism in different works from different authors

  • Think how history influences literature ( Miller didn’t just come up with the Crucible – he was influenced by what?)

  • Discuss the idea of struggle as a constant motif (the struggle to get ahead, to succeed, to survive)

Muse over these options or work on one of your own, and come up with a powerful thesis statement.  From there do your pre-writing, and essay designing!

This essay may not be pre-written before the exam.  You may bring a 3×5 card with significant quotes. 


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