A Period 9th Grade Homework Due Monday 2/13

Please read pages 52-71.

There will be discussion next class. The questions and topics to consider are:

How is the vignette style an effective narrating device?

Are Esperanza’s views “valid” because she is a child? How would Esperanza’s views be different as an adult?

How is family an important theme in House on Mango Street?

How did neighborhood boundaries start? (I recommend reviewing the handout on redlining). Can they ever be eliminated?

How are race and economy connected?

We had a great discussion on Thursday. The only thing I’d like for us to do is use more quotes from the text. Dominic and Kaci – you are responsible for coming up with questions during next class.

Also remember that your final vignettes/poems are due on Monday. I would prefer these typed.


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