B Period 11th Grade Homework Due Monday 2/13

Great discussion yesterday. The only thing I’d like for us to do is use more quotes from the text.

The questions for next class are:

What could warrant such a huge change in identity for Gatsby? What are his motivations?

Why has Gatsby waited no less than five years to re-approach Daisy? Why did she marry Tom in the first place?

How sincere is the friendship between Gatsby and Nick? Does Gatsby actually mean well?

What is it exactly that attracts so many people to Gatsby? How is he so charismatic?

I’m giving you a break from reading, but you have two short writing assignments:

1. What is YOUR DEFINITION of greatness? What makes someone great?

2. Describe a landmark from your childhood. Explain its significance.

For these two writings combined, I expect a full page written, single spaced or a full page typed, double spaced. I prefer them typed.


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