A Period Weekend Homework

Over the weekend, please write a piece to read aloud (soliloquy style) on Monday. This writing should be from your perspective in a dream that you have had. For example, below is a sonnet I wrote about a dream I had in which I found myself in a silent city. I took it upon myself to make some noise:


When you were young, the central square became

Your gleaming heart, a shelter from the din;

Then newly silent streets became your veins

And suits with ties your silent blood within.

But I did never bear a briefcase black

And ponderous with golden goods inside.

Those golden goods for machinations lacked

What I did need to live, but not to die.

So, shouting, I will roam your alleyways

And suits with ties unraveling will know

What I soon shall resuscitate: those days

Of wondrous noise, those calling caws of crows.

Now you are old; your buildings blackened frown

At my supreme cacophony – unbound.


If you do not wish to write a sonnet, that is OK. It is an optional challenge.


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