A Period Vacation Homework

Here is a recap of what we did today and a clarification of the graphing project homework.

Here is what you should have so far this quarter:

1.     10 lines you like and why

2.     Thoughts on love

3.     Columns

4.     Thoughts on dreams

5.     Queen Mab

6.     Dream sonnet/prose


Today we practiced elements of close reading. Save your close reading writing as it will come in handy later.


Please email me at teacherdelnero@gmail.com if you would like me to email you the vacation homework handout.


I realized that I have required 10 quotes (a quote for each plot point) but forgot that I also ask you to chart three lines. I think that thirty quotes is excessive, so here’s the new guideline:

You still need to chart three aspects of Romeo’s character.

Each graphed line still needs ten plotted points on it – two per act.

Instead of a quote for each point, which would result in thirty quotes total; I will only ask for one quote per act per graphed line, which results in fifteen quotes total. Remember that your homework over break is to start planning this project. Rough drafts should be the focus now, and only up to where we have read as a class.


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