Possible Research Topics

Class brain storm G period

  • The author’s style – and its effect on the reader –
  • Groundbreaking work of the author – ie transcendentalists or modernists or Harlem Renaissance writers
  • First hand experience vs. an author who hears about an event. (an authentic text)
  • How the author’s life affects their lives –
  • Society’s reaction to a piece of literature
  • The role of nature in an author’s work
  • How feminism is portrayed in literature
  • How philosophy/religion/mythology affects modern literature
  • Banned books
  • The role of history in themes of books
  • conflict in books (comparing)
  • Happy authors don’t get famous -OR- how an author’s struggle affects a text
  • The role and effect of booze in a novel —
  • The author’s message and the readers perception  – as related to style
  • Mental illness/ learning disability affecting the author’s work.
  • comparing of the style of two time periods
  • comparing the work of two authors in a time period
  • vernacular and dialect in a text and how it affects meaning
  • how gender affects a text
  • young adult literature
  • discussing race and literature
  • discussing ethnicity and literature
  • revolution in literature
  • war in lit.
  • lit as a means of social justice
  • lit. as a teaching tool
  • lit as a way to inspire the masses (also known as propaganda)
  • the american dream in lit.
  • the age of an author (old man v. schoolboy)
  • tracing poetry through American history
  • Characters in novel
  • political perspective


Don’t forget to bring everything you have read this year (or notes, or papers, or emails) to our next class.


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