How long does this paper have to be Ms. Bernier?

  • 5-7 pages.

Oh, but I would like honors credit?  What do I need to do?

  • 7-9 pages. Also, you will present your papers to me and a small group, after school.  We will schedule these soon. You will also write a meta-cognition paper.

Does my bibliography count for the pages?

  • No! No,  it doesn’t.

When is this due?

  • The rough draft – which must be 1200 words (aprox. 3-4 pages) will be due on Monday, June 4th. This is uploaded to TurnItIn.

When will my final draft be due?

  • The morning of the first day of exams.  You will also need to bring a printed copy to the exam for an exercise on peer review.   This will also be part of your exam grade.

How many sources do I need?

  • Six secondary- and of course, anything you read that including in your paper.

How many note-cards do I need?

  • A minimum of fifteen.

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