Topics of How To Papers

Avery – PenutButter Balls / Buckeyes

Phoebe – Classical Singing

Kaci – Oreo Balls

Bijal – How to make a God’s Eye

Casper – Lattice multiplication

Sasha – How-to operate the internets

Dominic – How-to deliver speech

John – How to throw a slurve

Alex – How to make sushi

Cienna – How to make taco dip

Jefferey – How to do Disney

Jillian – How to make crepes

Zach – How to make pizza

Allyson – How to make cranberry bread

Serena – How to learn to swim

Vic – How to play guitar

Evan – How to throw a curve ball

Mary – How to scoop ice cream

Hannah K  – How to make a ballet bun

Emily – How to make cupcakes

Joselyn – How to jump rope

Cassie – How to make baklava

Jailinne – How to do KungFu

Stephanie – How to make chocolate cake

Haley – How to knit

Matt – How to pick asparagus

Theresa – How to moon walk

Drew – How to play center-field

Jasmine – How to basket weave

Ethan – How to fly a Piper airplane

Sophie – How to braid

Mackenzie – How to shoot a basketball

Hannah W. – How to play Tetris

Joe – How to swing a golf club


2 thoughts on “Topics of How To Papers

  1. Joselyn Beaulieu May 31, 2012 at 4:34 pm
  2. Mackenzie Sullivan May 31, 2012 at 11:21 pm

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