11th Grade Final Information – Final Drafts-Final Exam

Counts toward your quarter grade-

  • note-cards
  • outline
  • rough draft
  • peer edit

Counts toward your exam

Final Draft

minimum of a 1400 words  or 2000 words for honors
in MLA format — see sample
has a bibliography

Meta-cognition essay for  honors

In Class Written Part of the Exam

  • Pick something else you write before – take it home. Hang out with it, revise it, bring it back to school.   During the exam period, do a final revision.
  • Poetry – we spent a whole lot of time with poetry, on an informal, getting to know you kind of basis.  We have also gone through the process of analyzing poetry.  On Monday I will give you a packet of four poems to look over. You will go through the process of TPCASTT’ing one of those poems.
  • Reflective Essay – I will ask you to consider what you have learned this year, and in a well organized essay, ask you to write and reflect on that learning.

Poems for Analyzing


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