9th Grade Exam – Final Papers

Things that counts toward your quarter grade-

  • note-cards
  • outline
  • rough draft
  • peer edit

Counts toward your exam

Final Draft

minimum of a 1100 words
in MLA format — see sample
has a bibliography

Your Exam grade is comprised of the following parts


  • Your submission of your final draft  of your how-to paper counts for 120 points.


  • In class writing
    • FreeWrite Rewrite  -You will bring a draft of something – anything you’ve written at any point during the  year to clean up for a revision –
    • Reflective Essay -I will ask you to consider what you have learned this year, and in a well organized essay, ask you to write and reflect on that learning.
      • FAQs  
      • Does it have to be one thing or multiple things?
        • you can deal with either one piece of class for at least three hundred words — or many – as long as it’s organized.

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