F Period – March 27th, 2013

In Class We Are:

Learning how to take notes from a video
Working on getting our final sources
Finishing our note-cards

Quiz will be on Friday, March, 28th – complete notes below

  • Compare and Contrast Essay
    • comparison – shows how two or more things are similar
    • contrast – shows how two or more things are different
    • analogy – explains one thing by comparing it to a second more familiar thing
    • basis for comparison –  two things have enough in common to justify a comparison
    • Structure of comparison and contrast essay
      • introduction – will tell what will compared and contrasted – and also illustrate the points you are going to make  – thesis
      • body paragraphs – subject by subject or point by point
      • conclusion – summation of your points
    • transition words
      • comparison: in comparison, like, in the same way, likewise, similarly, just as . . . so
      • contrast: although, nevertheless, but, nonetheless, on the contrary, on the other hand, still, unlike, whereas, yet, instead, in contrast, however, even though, despite, but, conversely
  • Process essay work time on multi-genre project
      • Process explanation
      • Set of Instructions
      •  Introduction -overview of the topic, thesis
      • Body paragraphs – one paragraph for each stage or point of the process
      •  Conclusion – very short, or not at all
        •  Transition words – first, second, meanwhile, after this, next, then, at the same time, when you have finished, finally
    • Cause and Effect
    • Analyzes why something happens – links situations events together – with not just the how but the why.
    • Main cause – most important
    • Contributory – less important
    • immediate cause – closely precedes an effect
    • remote cause – involves something far away or the past
    • Structure of Essay
    • Introduction -> causes -> most important cause -> conclusion
    • Intro -> effects -> most important effect -> conclusion


Upcoming Due Dates
Friday by the end of class — outline of essay due.  15 points
Tuesday- 20 note cards due!  50 points.


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