To My Dear Students —

When I was a kid – perhaps about ten or eleven -I remember something happening with one of my parents’ friends. And because I was supposed to be too young to understand, they kept me in the dark. With that, I could only imagine the worst possible scenario – You see, Ms. B. – has always had a fantastical imagination.

I do not want you all to imagine the worst possible thing. So you should know– I am okay. I will be okay.  The messages and emails you have been sending, are so lovely, so sweet, and so kind. The make me smile – they remind why for ten years I have believed that Hadley grows not just  the world’s most fantastic asparagus, but the most fantastic children, who turn into the most fantastic young adults.

I promise that I will return to my classroom as soon as I am able to do so. I promise – I will bring back lessons, and stories, and advice about writing, and  reading, and school, and life.

Be well my dears, I promise, everything is going to be okay.

-Ms. B.

ps – it was Kai’s idea to send this — because he’s awesome.


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