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Compare and Contrast Essays – F Block

Compare and Contrast Essay Help and Grading 

Due Monday (Share final copy by class time).



9th Grade Homework, A and F Period

 Read – The Cask of Amontillado 

While you are reading, complete a SoapsTone chart in your notes. 


Due Friday for A, Monday for F

9th Grade – F Period

Rough draft is due Friday. Please try to have it printed before you come to class.


9th Grade Current Work

Both A and F Block are working on outlines for their first essay.  In class on Tuesday and Wednesday we will begin writing those essays.  We also started short story boot camp this week.  We will be discussing the elements of fiction in the coming classes.

9th Grade – Updated project to-dos –Into the Wild Due after exams

Project info — Details here – updated, often


Into the Wild due the day we return from exams — Tue. for F period, Wed for A and C Block.



9th Grade – Day One Notes

You can find the notes from class here — 


Ninth Grade – Week of 12/9/2013

Chapters 5 up through 8 in Into the Wild due Friday for F Block, Monday for A and C Block.

Update – Thursday 12/12

Also due Monday for A and C block and Thursday for F bloc

Make sure you have a Google Doc titled with your name and multigenre project ie “Bernier-MultiGenre”

In that doc — come up with a top three of places (must be US related) to research for your MultiGenre Project – have at least one website listed for each place.

Peer Editing and Revision Sheet – 9th Grade

Document Here

9th Grade HW Due 11/19 – F Block

Have brainstorms ready for class.

Bring one example of an editorial that you read, understood, and enjoyed to class on Monday.

Places to find editorials (besides the daily newspaper at home) —
The New York Times 
The Boston Globe

Brainstorm Maps Here

If you did a brainstorm map online — share it in the comments below.