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in which I admit my nerdiness.

I went to Twist Craft Fair in Northampton this weekend.  The very first thing I saw, a tiny, shining beacon of awesomeness, waiting just to be snagged by me. Me, who had gotten there as one of the first 100, just to snag a swag bag, there for me, was this most perfect thing.


Yes. A magnet that spells nerd- made out of- wait for it – Scrabble tiles. Yep, you’re hearing it – the nerd choir singing.   The whole thing, the purchasing of the magnet, and the ensuing conversation with its creators,  got me thinking.  About how, while now, I  may embrace my nerdiness, that at a young age, I may have hidden it far away.   So tonight, in honor of letting the nerd flag fly, of being finally at age 33, comfortable with my self,  a list of the  top five things I’m an utter nerd about – with straight up nerdy abandon. Continue reading


oh hey look, A blog

So I’m totally brushing the dust off this blog — I spent every day of my maternity leave from Jan. 1 on, writing over at my other blog. And there I talked about mama life, and Valley life, and all sorts of things that had to do with that life.  My writing over there has waned a bit, so I thought I might start focusing on my teaching life over here.

There’s a mememe going around Facebook tonight, and I thought I might just play along…  I’m doing it here — not in my notes on Facebook because, well my post count is decidedly low these days.

So apparently, If you want to play along, you shouldn’t take too long to think about it. Come up with fifteen authors who’ve influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

ready – go –

  1. F. Scott Fitzgerald Continue reading