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9th Grade TRAILS

To My Dear Students —

When I was a kid – perhaps about ten or eleven -I remember something happening with one of my parents’ friends. And because I was supposed to be too young to understand, they kept me in the dark. With that, I could only imagine the worst possible scenario – You see, Ms. B. – has always had a fantastical imagination.

I do not want you all to imagine the worst possible thing. So you should know– I am okay. I will be okay.  The messages and emails you have been sending, are so lovely, so sweet, and so kind. The make me smile – they remind why for ten years I have believed that Hadley grows not just  the world’s most fantastic asparagus, but the most fantastic children, who turn into the most fantastic young adults.

I promise that I will return to my classroom as soon as I am able to do so. I promise – I will bring back lessons, and stories, and advice about writing, and  reading, and school, and life.

Be well my dears, I promise, everything is going to be okay.

-Ms. B.

ps – it was Kai’s idea to send this — because he’s awesome.

American Literature — Research Work

Ideas for Research
American Literature Timeline

Journalism Terms

Find Me

Journalism Work

Open/ Free Response questions

— Define Mass Media —

–How are you exposed to mass media in your daily life?–

How much time do you spend interacting with mass media on a daily basis?

What do you think is the responsibility of the student press?

Scavenger hunt questions–

Explain the historical significance of the following:  Publick Occurrences, The Boston News-Letter, John Peter Zenger’s trial, the penny press, Joseph Pulitzer, William Randolph Hearst, Yellow Journalism


Follow Ms. Koskova’s Blog

Follow Ms. Koskova’s Blog

Ms. Koskova is teaching the ninth grade until the beginning of May.  You can follow information about her classes at the attached link.

Infographic Tool

Infographic Tool

An easy online inforgraphic creation tool. 

American Literature

Gatsby Due Dates —

Chapter Five – Monday

Chapter Six – Wednesday

Chapter Seven – Friday

9th Grade – MultiGenre Project Requirements

Details here – updated, often