Journalism Work

Open/ Free Response questions

— Define Mass Media —

–How are you exposed to mass media in your daily life?–

How much time do you spend interacting with mass media on a daily basis?

What do you think is the responsibility of the student press?

Scavenger hunt questions–

Explain the historical significance of the following:  Publick Occurrences, The Boston News-Letter, John Peter Zenger’s trial, the penny press, Joseph Pulitzer, William Randolph Hearst, Yellow Journalism



Summer Reading – American Literature

Some of you have been asking about books other than those named on the list you got on step up day.   Feel free to check out  this list from Good Reads, of popular American Classics.  Obviously reading books we have already read in school is not an option, and you should still check in with me on your choices so you avoid books to be read this coming school year.

Later this week, I’ll post a list of my favorite American Classics that you might also find helpful.



68 days of vacation left. Use it wisely!


Ms. B

American Dream Interview Questions from Class



Did you go to college?

How were you raised?

Is money important to you?

Are you married?

Where are you from?

What is your current occupation?

What would do with a lot of money?

Any kids?

Do you own a house?

What kind of neighborhood do you live in?

Where does your money come from?

Were your parents born in the US?

Do you have any accomplishments that you would want to talk about?

Do you want your kids to have a better life than you?

Are you happy with everything you have now?

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Has your opinion of the American Dream changed overtime?

Have you held more than one job in your life?

Does what society believes is the American Dream influence your opinion on it?

Does your view of the American Dream differ from what your parents view of the American Dream was? Grandparents view?

Do you believe that you accomplished your version of the American dream?


Last Year’s Question 

Follow Ms. Koskova’s Blog

Follow Ms. Koskova’s Blog

Ms. Koskova is teaching the ninth grade until the beginning of May.  You can follow information about her classes at the attached link.

Infographic Tool

Infographic Tool

An easy online inforgraphic creation tool. 

American Literature

Gatsby Due Dates —

Chapter Five – Monday

Chapter Six – Wednesday

Chapter Seven – Friday

9th Grade – Updated project to-dos –Into the Wild Due after exams

Project info — Details here – updated, often


Into the Wild due the day we return from exams — Tue. for F period, Wed for A and C Block.



9th Grade – MultiGenre Project Requirements

Details here – updated, often

9th Grade – Day One Notes

You can find the notes from class here — 


Ninth Grade – Week of 12/9/2013

Chapters 5 up through 8 in Into the Wild due Friday for F Block, Monday for A and C Block.

Update – Thursday 12/12

Also due Monday for A and C block and Thursday for F bloc

Make sure you have a Google Doc titled with your name and multigenre project ie “Bernier-MultiGenre”

In that doc — come up with a top three of places (must be US related) to research for your MultiGenre Project – have at least one website listed for each place.