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9th Grade, A and C Block, HW up through vacation

Section Six: Read pp. 74-87: Due Thursday 2/14

Section Seven & Eight: Read pp. 88-110 Due Monday  2/25

On Monday the 25th, your house charts will be due in class, and you will need a basic rough draft of your map.


9th Grade Review for Midterm Exam

  • Short Story
    • SOAPSTone
    • Check notes on plot structure
    • (You will get a short story to read – and you will be asked questions related to what you learned)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
    • (there will be matching of the characters from the book)
  • Inquiry projects
    • (I will put a few topics on the test, and a curriculum wheel, your job will be to come up with question for a few of the categories.  Refer to your sheet on asking good questions, to study for this part of the exam.)
  • Essay will be an MCAS type question (all old  tenth grade MCAS questions can be found here)
    • You may use TKAM, House of the Scorpion, or any of the short stories we read this semester to answer the question.

Reminder, Written Part of Your 9th Grade Short Story Projects

From the assignment sheet

Each person must turn in a one page essay explaining

A) which story you are representing

B) specifically what and how your representation directly applies to the story (details would be good here, examples from the text, etc.)

C) why you chose to do what you did and what you liked about it (the project or the story or preferably both).

9th Grade – A and C Block 10/2/12

Short Stories -Projects-Review- Start Media/Text comparison Continue reading

9th Grade Research Project

What we have discussed so far about our Research Projects and speeches. The paper will include:

  • An Anecdotal Opening – An introduction that tells a story to explain about the topic.
  • Background and History –
  • How-to

After the papers are written, we will present our how-tos in class.

The Fine Print

  • The paper will be 1100-1500 words or 3-4 pages
  • It will include a bibliography
  • You will have at least 4 sources
  • at least 1 book
  • at least 1 newspaper or magazine article
  • 2 reliable web sources

Things that should be done for Tuesday/Wed

  • Your project should be shared with me on your NoodleTools account.  Dropbox name is  – 9th grade How-to projects – 2012
  • You should have your two reliable web sources with three note-cards from each site.
See me as soon as possible, if you have any concerns.