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2013-2014 Transcendentalist Projects

Examining Transcendentalism through Popular Culture -Final Project

as adapted from http://www.readwritethink.org
Look at all the resources in pop culture that you have access to. You can consider genres such as sitcoms, television dramas, children’s
cartoons, movies, commercials, newspaper editorials, and so forth.
• Provide an example for each of six characteristics of transcendental thought.
• Choose a different quotation for each category. You  can repeat the sources that you choose but should find different
example quotations or actions.  All quotes should come from RWE, HDT, or MLK (Dickinson and Fuller are possibilities as well).
• Look for examples from multiple genres. Include at least three different genres in your project. (Not all movie clips or editorials or comics).
• Be sure that you provide explanations for the quotations or examples that you’ve chosen that show why each is an example of transcendentalist thought.



Examples of Student-Selected Song Titles and Artists that Reflect Transcendental Thinking

An article that includes examples of Transcendentalism in pop culture

Excerpts from Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” and “Nature

Examples of explanations of found items


American Literature Homework

Be to page 163 by 10/29/2013 in GATL. 

Read the excerpt from The American Scholar

Find apropriate quotes for three categories from either The American Scholar or Self-Reliance

Year-long projects – planning for the year

Ms. Bernier’s Project Map  – Check out the work I’m doing on Sylvia Plath – and how I would organize my project. 



Great Gatsby Index/ Test

Test on Monday/Tuesday for G Block – Tuesday for B block

Gatsby Index to help prep for your test 

Upcoming Due Dates – American Literature – G Period

Friday – Through chapter two of the Narrative of Frederick Douglass

Monday – The Adam’s Letters – pages 26-40 in your American Literature books

Tuesday – Revised papers uploaded to http://www.turnitin.com

American Literature – 10/1/2012

Today in class –
Discussion of the following texts-

Anne Bradstreet – Three poems

Cotton Mather’s “The Trial of Martha Carrier”

Edward’s “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God”

No Homework.

11th Grade Homework

Supplemental Readings due Friday, both Classes-

  • From American Literature pages 7-16
    • Cotton Mather
    • Anne Bradstreet Poems
  • Readings in handout
  • Will go over “Picky, Picky, Picky”-  (already assigned)


American Literature – Summer Reading Dropbox

Share your annotations on Noodle Tools  –
Drop Box Name: American Literature 2012-2013

Research Topics – B period

  • How Transcendentalism shows up in modern literature
  • How the author’s past experiences influence the style of writing in relation to books on war
  • How global events affect the writing, especially in historical fiction
  • Effects of religion on literature
  • Defining American Gothic literature
  • How the author’s personal experience shows up in the text
  • Comparing and contrasting/short stories to longer works of fiction
  • Problematic protagonist
  • Comparing style between works
  • The effect of fear vs. melancholy
  • Evolution of feminism in American literature
  • Comparing/contrasting author’s of a particular style (Poe and King)
  • How a characters personality develops through the plot line of a novel
  • Opinions v.  anecdotal experience (Slaughterhouse 5)
  • Discussing conflict in different books –
  • Danger of conformity
  • Fantasy v. reality
  • Text v. Movie – the author’s view v. the director’s view


11th Grade Exam

  • Character Wheels from the Crucible  –  Character will include – Abigail, John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, Parris, Mary Warren, Rebecca Nurse, Hale, Danforth, Tituba, Giles Corey – You need to know temperament – ideas and feeling characteristics – background Continue reading