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Journalism Exam

Identify the following terms on a newspaper mock-up.

  1. teaser
  2. flag
  3. headline
  4. subhead
  5. byline
  6. cut
  7. cutline
  8. photo credit
  9. index
  10. jump, jumpline
  11. infographic
  12. folio
  13. liftout quote
  14. classified ad
  15. wire service
  16. lead
  17. edition
  18. editorial
  19. obituary
  20. dateline


I will give you a writing prompt – you will either write a news article or a creative piece.  Theory – you get to publish this when we get back after exams


Today – you should – print out, everything you have written this quarter. It should all be available in your writing portfolio- because – part of your exam will be to hand that in an a organized manner –