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in which I admit my nerdiness.

I went to Twist Craft Fair in Northampton this weekend.  The very first thing I saw, a tiny, shining beacon of awesomeness, waiting just to be snagged by me. Me, who had gotten there as one of the first 100, just to snag a swag bag, there for me, was this most perfect thing.


Yes. A magnet that spells nerd- made out of- wait for it – Scrabble tiles. Yep, you’re hearing it – the nerd choir singing.   The whole thing, the purchasing of the magnet, and the ensuing conversation with its creators,  got me thinking.  About how, while now, I  may embrace my nerdiness, that at a young age, I may have hidden it far away.   So tonight, in honor of letting the nerd flag fly, of being finally at age 33, comfortable with my self,  a list of the  top five things I’m an utter nerd about – with straight up nerdy abandon. Continue reading