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More Info for Ninth Grade Papers

As you get ready to upload your draft on http://www.turnitin.com, some reminders –

Your paper has three sections:

I. Anecdotal Opening – An anecdote is a story that connects the reader to the main point the writer is trying to convey (use your free write to draw your reader in)

II. The background and history of your topic – this is the part of the paper that will include the bulk of your research

III.  The How-To- this is where you tell us how to do the thing you are so good at doing -( remember we also did a free write on this to get all that information we already knew down on paper).

No, this is not just a three paragraph paper, each of these sections may have  multitude of parts.

If you are having hard time putting your pieces together, remember that we all went looking for some of the how-to blogs that populate the Web. You can find a list of those links here (look in the comments).

If you’re feeling like you don’t remember how to format a MLA document – look here

Concerned about how an anecdotal introcution should look?

Check out slides 7 and 8 in this presentation

View more PowerPoint from leshb
More questions — get in touch ASAP –