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Research Topics – B period

  • How Transcendentalism shows up in modern literature
  • How the author’s past experiences influence the style of writing in relation to books on war
  • How global events affect the writing, especially in historical fiction
  • Effects of religion on literature
  • Defining American Gothic literature
  • How the author’s personal experience shows up in the text
  • Comparing and contrasting/short stories to longer works of fiction
  • Problematic protagonist
  • Comparing style between works
  • The effect of fear vs. melancholy
  • Evolution of feminism in American literature
  • Comparing/contrasting author’s of a particular style (Poe and King)
  • How a characters personality develops through the plot line of a novel
  • Opinions v.  anecdotal experience (Slaughterhouse 5)
  • Discussing conflict in different books –
  • Danger of conformity
  • Fantasy v. reality
  • Text v. Movie – the author’s view v. the director’s view