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This Week in 9th Grade-

This week in 9th grade English we all got to take a look at the new Chromebooks that have been made available to us by the generosity of the trustees.  Each class got enrolled in one of my tunritin.com sections, and checked into their NoodleTools account to make sure they knew their way around, and knew their passwords. Continue reading


Ready or not

Looks like after a week of figuring things out with the proxys and what not, we’re good to go for tomorrow’s class. I’m hoping we can get everyone on and ready to go for tomorrow. I really like the set-up part of blogging. I get such a kick out of setting up the side bar, picking a theme, and listing links. Of course that’s the easy part. And it’s the same way when I’m setting up a paper. I pick out my font, adjust my margins, write my working title, bold my name, before I even type my first thought. There is something about the anticipation of a clean page, ready to be filled, that gives this nerd a thrill.