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Great Gatsby Index/ Test

Test on Monday/Tuesday for G Block – Tuesday for B block

Gatsby Index to help prep for your test 


Journalism Exam

Identify the following terms on a newspaper mock-up.

  1. teaser
  2. flag
  3. headline
  4. subhead
  5. byline
  6. cut
  7. cutline
  8. photo credit
  9. index
  10. jump, jumpline
  11. infographic
  12. folio
  13. liftout quote
  14. classified ad
  15. wire service
  16. lead
  17. edition
  18. editorial
  19. obituary
  20. dateline


I will give you a writing prompt – you will either write a news article or a creative piece.  Theory – you get to publish this when we get back after exams


Today – you should – print out, everything you have written this quarter. It should all be available in your writing portfolio- because – part of your exam will be to hand that in an a organized manner –

For the Weekend – All Homework, All Grades

9th grade, if you have presented your project, no homework for the weekend.   If you have not presented your project, be ready for next class.

11th Grade, peer edit drafts are due on Monday! Remember, per Ms. Bernier’s rules and expectations that you all signed off on at the beginning of the year, there is absolutely no late credit given for peer-edit drafts. It will be a zero out of twenty if it  is not done for Monday.   For this revision, I expect 300 words, double-spaced (as always) please.

9th Grade Exam – Final Papers

Things that counts toward your quarter grade-

  • note-cards
  • outline
  • rough draft
  • peer edit

Counts toward your exam

Final Draft

minimum of a 1100 words
in MLA format — see sample
has a bibliography

Your Exam grade is comprised of the following parts


  • Your submission of your final draft  of your how-to paper counts for 120 points.


  • In class writing
    • FreeWrite Rewrite  -You will bring a draft of something – anything you’ve written at any point during the  year to clean up for a revision –
    • Reflective Essay -I will ask you to consider what you have learned this year, and in a well organized essay, ask you to write and reflect on that learning.
      • FAQs  
      • Does it have to be one thing or multiple things?
        • you can deal with either one piece of class for at least three hundred words — or many – as long as it’s organized.

11th Grade Final Information – Final Drafts-Final Exam

Counts toward your quarter grade-

More Info for Ninth Grade Papers

As you get ready to upload your draft on http://www.turnitin.com, some reminders –

Your paper has three sections:

I. Anecdotal Opening – An anecdote is a story that connects the reader to the main point the writer is trying to convey (use your free write to draw your reader in)

II. The background and history of your topic – this is the part of the paper that will include the bulk of your research

III.  The How-To- this is where you tell us how to do the thing you are so good at doing -( remember we also did a free write on this to get all that information we already knew down on paper).

No, this is not just a three paragraph paper, each of these sections may have  multitude of parts.

If you are having hard time putting your pieces together, remember that we all went looking for some of the how-to blogs that populate the Web. You can find a list of those links here (look in the comments).

If you’re feeling like you don’t remember how to format a MLA document – look here

Concerned about how an anecdotal introcution should look?

Check out slides 7 and 8 in this presentation

View more PowerPoint from leshb
More questions — get in touch ASAP –

9th Grade Research Project

What we have discussed so far about our Research Projects and speeches. The paper will include:

  • An Anecdotal Opening – An introduction that tells a story to explain about the topic.
  • Background and History –
  • How-to

After the papers are written, we will present our how-tos in class.

The Fine Print

  • The paper will be 1100-1500 words or 3-4 pages
  • It will include a bibliography
  • You will have at least 4 sources
  • at least 1 book
  • at least 1 newspaper or magazine article
  • 2 reliable web sources

Things that should be done for Tuesday/Wed

  • Your project should be shared with me on your NoodleTools account.  Dropbox name is  – 9th grade How-to projects – 2012
  • You should have your two reliable web sources with three note-cards from each site.
See me as soon as possible, if you have any concerns.